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Unique soft implant for sustainable OsteoArthritis pain relief and outstanding response rate

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New generation single-shot
injection to tackle OA pain

Packshot product Kiomedine One

Effective up to 6 months1

Treatment response up to 76%1

Discover the latest results of our APROOVE clinical trial

Unique soft implant

KioMedinevsone is the new generation single-shot injection intended for the symptomatic treatment of knee OsteoArthritis based on world-first exclusive animal-free KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan.

Thanks to a unique structure that differs from hyaluronic acid, KioMedinevsone has an exclusive dual mechanism of action to tackle OA pain and other symptoms.

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Unique properties

KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan enhances lubrication of the damaged cartilage and protects the synovial fluid through the scavenging of free radicals.

This dual mechanism of action contributes to significantly reduce OA pain, better reduces joint frictions and provides better knee mobility with a long-lasting relief.

The KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan technology enables the development of a resorbable implant with unique degradation resistance and up to 1-month residence time in the joint2.

Effectiveness in clinical trial

In a randomized single-blind APROOVE clinical trial, the safety and efficacy of a single-shot of KioMedinevsone have been proven after injection in 70 patients2.

KioMedinevsone significantly reduces knee pain up to 6 months with a response rate up to 76% thanks to a unique dual mechanism of actions combining lubrication and protection1.

Physician brochure
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Evolution of WOMAC PAIN score1
(stage 2, PP cohort, ANOVA for repeated measures, *p<0,0001)

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