KiOmed Pharma offers a unique pipeline of products to tackle invalidating OsteoArthritis, Skin Aging and Dry Eye syndrome

KiOmed Pharma

About KiOmed Pharma

Capitalizing on a history of innovation and expertise in exclusive natural chitosan chemistry, KiOmed Pharma, a spinout from KitoZyme, develops a unique pipeline of medical devices that address unmet medical needs in high impact pathologies and major social burdens such as invalidating OsteoArthritis, skin aging and ophthalmology.

Innovative and patented technology

KiOmed Pharma's innovative pipeline is based on a solid building block exclusive technology: KiOmedine®, a medical-grade highly pure natural chitosan-derivative.

The patented technology KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan offers competitive advantages thanks to its immune-compatibility and unique structure. Our scientific team has conducted a large number of safety and efficacy studies to demonstrate the unrivaled properties of our KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan technology in various applications :

  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Outstanding scavenging capacity
  • High ability to protect tissues against oxydative stress

KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan brings high clinical value to therapeutic solutions and is a technology of choice, suitable for injectable formulations and implantable devices.

KiOmedine® brings unique clinical value in
high impact pathologies and major social burdens

Invalidating OsteoArthritis

KioMedinevsone is the first fluid implant intended to treating OsteoArthritis, an invalidating pathology that affects more than 100 millions of patients worldwide.
The unique character of KiOmedine® resides in its innovative chemical design and non-animal origin that allow developing safe medical devices to offer high clinical efficacy thanks to tunable attributes such as lubrication and combating free-radical species.

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Skin Aging

Thanks to free radical scavenging, KiOmedine®-based dermal fillers provide tunable tissues filling properties with unique skin protection and hydration while stimulating collagen synthesis.

Dry Eye Disease

Thanks to its unique hydrating and lubricating properties, as well as its ability to protect tissues against oxidative stress, KiOmedine® is a component of choice in eyedrops formulations or for more innovative treatments of the posterior segment.

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Unique fluid implant
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  • Belgianbiotech company
  • 10+ yearsof research and innovation
  • Pharma grade process
  • ISO 13485

From years of research to commercial stage

KiOmed Pharma, based in Belgium, is a biotech company that focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of safe and effective medical devices based on KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan, our innovative and exclusive animal-free bioresorbable biopolymer.

Through a series of comparative, pre-clinical and clinical studies, KiOmed Pharma repeatedly demonstrated that its exclusive technology KiOmedine® CM-Chitosan offers unique and sustainable attributes in comparison with competitive products. Our multidisciplinary team experts continually strive to advance innovative solutions to address unmet needs in the treatment of invalidating OsteoArthritis symptoms, dry eye disease and skin aging pathologies.

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