KiOmed Pharma and Arsylab Announce Strategic Partnership for the Promotion and Distribution in France of KioMedinevsone, a New Class of Treatment for Refractory Knee Osteoarthritis

17 September 2023

LIEGE / PARIS – Following the successful launch of its innovative product KioMedinevsone in multiple European countries and the Middle East, KiOmed Pharma is entering the French market by signing a strategic partnership with Arsylab, a French biotechnology company specializing in the design and marketing of innovative products to improve patients’ quality of life.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease affecting over 500 million patients worldwide, including more than 10 million in France, thus representing a major societal burden. Although treatment options like intra-articular injections of hyaluronic acid, corticosteroids, or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) are available, over 40% of treated patients do not respond favorably to these treatments and are refractory. The aim of the partnership is to offer healthcare professionals and these patients suffering from osteoarthritis and resistant to other treatments available in France a promising alternative in KioMedinevsone, a new class of treatment.

“This collaboration marks a key milestone in the commercial deployment plan of our product in Europe and in the French market, which represents a potential value of over 50 million euros,” states Houtaï Choumane, CEO of KiOmed Pharma. “Having successfully treated nearly 10,000 patients in five different countries in Europe and beyond, we are thrilled to bring our innovation, together with Arsylab, to patients in France suffering from refractory knee osteoarthritis and seeking effective alternative solutions,” adds Houtaï Choumane.

“We are very excited about this collaboration with KiOmed Pharma,” emphasizes Erwann Corbel, CEO of Arsylab. “It perfectly aligns with our vision of bringing innovative and effective therapeutic solutions to the French market. By joining forces, we can offer a comprehensive range of products for the treatment of osteoarthritis, thus strengthening our position as leaders in the field.”

“We were looking for a strategic partner for the promotion and distribution of our product in France, and the choice of Arsylab seemed obvious. This biotechnology company is deeply rooted in France and has developed a culture of innovation and enterprise since its inception, DNA common with our KiOmed company and its team,” declares François Blondel, Executive President of KiOmed Pharma. “We are very convinced that this partnership has all the assets to succeed and are committed to providing it the necessary support to achieve a significant breakthrough in France,” concludes François Blondel.

About KioMedinevsone

KioMedinevsone is a new injectable device for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis, based on exclusive non-animal origin carboxymethyl chitosan (CM-chitosan). This highly purified polysaccharide, derived from Agaricus Bisporus (white mushroom), is a patented technology manufactured in Belgium, resulting from several years of research and innovation. Unlike hyaluronic acid, KioMedinevsone has a unique dual mechanism of action to combat the symptoms of osteoarthritis by improving joint lubrication and reducing oxidative stress within the joint. The lasting relief of osteoarthritic knee pain, stiffness, and improvement of physical function is proven in a clinical study up to 6 months and is observed even up to 9 months in post-marketing clinical follow-up. New real-world data on patients suffering from refractory osteoarthritis show a trend of pain improvement beyond 9 months and appear to delay the need for total knee replacement in some cases.

About KiOmed Pharma

KiOmed Pharma is a Belgian laboratory committed to the discovery and development of innovative treatments for degenerative diseases. KiOmed Pharma has a history of innovation and expertise in the exclusive chemistry of natural chitosan. The company is developing a unique pipeline of medical devices to meet medical needs in high-impact diseases and major social burdens such as osteoarthritis, skin aging, and ophthalmology.

About Arsylab

Founded in 2017, ARSYLAB® is a biotechnology company that aims to holistically address the challenges of osteoarthritis, general joint discomfort, and associated pain through the design and marketing of innovative products intended to improve the quality of life of patients.

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