KiOmed Pharma celebrates treating its 20,000th patient and looks to the future with optimism

31 May 2024

KiOmed Pharma announces a significant milestone: the treatment of 20,000 osteoarthritis patients with KioMedinevsone. This achievement reflects a decade of dedicated work and stands as a remarkable collective celebration for the team.

“This milestone represents the trust placed in our product by patients and healthcare professionals,” stated Houtaï Choumane, CEO of KiOmed Pharma. “It coincides with our annual Clinical Expert Meeting held this week , where more than 80 clinical experts gather to deepen their understanding of our innovation KioMedinevsone and its role in managing patients with refractory osteoarthritis. This meeting serves as a platform to gather insights, foster discussions, and leverage medical expertise to reach even more patients in need.”

“We are also pleased to announce that our annual Clinical Expert Meeting is being held for the first time at our new offices located at Legia Park, a centre dedicated to hosting businesses that operate in life sciences and focused on medical innovation”, added François Blondel, Founder and Executive Chairman of KiOmed Pharma.

With these new facilities, complementary to the historical production site in Herstal, KiOmed Pharma is now well equipped to address the strongly growing demand for its innovative pipeline of products addressing degenerative diseases.


About KiOmed Pharma

KiOmed Pharma is a Belgian biotechnology company specializing in the development of innovative treatments for osteoarthritis, aesthetic medicine, and ophthalmology. Based on a unique natural chitosan chemistry, KiOmed Pharma is dedicated to improving patient quality of life worldwide while redefining traditional medical treatments.
KiOmed Pharma’s pipeline includes groundbreaking innovations at various stages of development—from pre-clinical and clinical studies on skin aging and eye diseases to its launched treatment KioMedinevsone for osteoarthritis, all utilizing its foundational Carboxymethyl-chitosan technology.

About Legia Park

LégiaPark is. It’s the ideal location for developing research, production or sales and marketing in optimum conditions right in the heart of a structural ecosystem.
Legia Park is a business centre dedicated to hosting businesses that operate in life sciences located in Liège. In collaboration with Groupe santé CHC, Wallonie Santé and Noshaq, it stands as a crucial medical and technological innovation hub, contributing to the growth and employment in the life sciences sector in Liège.