KiOmed Pharma reports promising long-term results in a new European multi centric survey Treatment of Advanced Knee OsteoArthritis

24 May 2021

Liège-Herstal (Belgium), 24 May 2021 – KiOmed Pharma, an innovative Belgian biotech company, has reported positive safety and efficacy outcomes following the treatment of nearly 80 patients suffering from Knee OsteoArthritis (OA). This European Healthcare Professional (HCP) survey yielded a global long-term improvement of OA symptoms and shows preliminary evidence of improved outcomes in patients with advanced stage OA.

‘This HCP survey took place in a real-life clinical setting between three European countries and has been followed up by nine physicians (orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists) during this challenging pandemic. Available follow-up data confirms a long-term reduction of pain and other symptoms for up to six months, as recently approved by our notified body’ declared KiOmed Pharma Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mathias Schifflers. ‘More specifically, a preliminary analysis has yielded strong pain reduction and a high satisfaction rate among patients at an advanced stage of their OA pathology (e.g. grade IV), in the final stage of OA before surgery and in patients having multicompartmental location of OA’ he added.

One third of this patient cohort was treated in Ghent (Belgium) and followed up by Dr. Philippe Van Overschelde, a leading hip and knee arthroplasty surgeon. ‘I started testing the soft implant on patients with advanced OA who would not typically report any improvement in their symptoms, even after multiple injections of hyaluronic acid. Most of my advanced OA patients reported significant improvement in their OA symptoms after one intra-articular injection of KiOmed Pharma’s soft implant over six months, while a sub-cohort has already satisfactory reached eight months follow-up’ commented Dr. Van Overschelde. ‘This preliminary outcome requires further analysis. However, it potentially represents a major step, as such patients are, despite their ongoing suffering, not always eligible for knee surgery’, concluded Dr. Van Overschelde.

KiOmed Pharma will look to further strengthen this real-life data with a robust and comprehensive postmarket clinical program in collaboration with its current commercial partners both in Europe and the rest of the world. ‘We are delighted to see our soft implant exhibiting strong and differentiated clinical utility in treating Osteoarthritis, an incurable debilitating pathology affecting hundreds of millions of patients worldwide’ stated KiOmed Pharma CEO Dr. Houtaï Choumane. ‘Its dual mechanism of action, combining lubrication and protection of synovial fluid from oxidative stress, seems to confer to our product a unique advantage for patients at an advanced stage of OA, which itself represents a huge unmet medical need’.

About KiOmed Pharma

KiOmed Pharma is a Belgium-based biotech spin-off of world-leading bio-chemical company Kitozyme.
KiOmed Pharma focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of safe and effective medical
devices and therapeutic solutions based on KiOmedine®, an innovative and exclusive animal-free chitosan
biodegradable biopolymer. KiOmed Pharma offers a unique pipeline of products for tackling invalidating
osteoarthritis, skin aging and dry eye syndrome.