KiOmed Pharma appoints seasoned industry executives and expands its board of directors

24 June 2020

KiOmed Pharma announces the appointment of two seasoned biotech executives: Dr Pierre Rigaux, MD, PhD is joining its Board of Directors, and Dr Mathias Schifflers, MD is appointed Chief Medical Officer and joins its executive management team

“We are absolutely delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Pierre Rigaux to our Board of Directors. Pierre is an extremely well-regarded executive and has a tremendous track record as both an expert in medical devices development and as an entrepreneur with Cefaly”,said François Blondel, Founder and Executive Chairman of KiOmed. “His broad scientific, operational and strategic experience will provide KiOmed with essential guidance in fulfilling our vision of bringing our breakthrough KiOmedine® platform products to the markets”, he added.

Dr. Rigaux brings over 35 years of scientific and medical experience in development and commercialization of high-impact innovative medical devices. Dr. Rigaux is the founder and former CEO of CEFALY a highly innovative biotech company specialized in non-invasive and drug-free medical treatments for neurological diseases.

Dr. Schifflers is a medical doctor and a senior pharmaceutical executive with over 15 successful years in large and mid-size Pharma companies such as MSD, Abbott, Astra-Zeneca and Solvay, where he held a number of national and international positions as Chief Medical Officer. He has a strong experience in medical affairs and in all stages of clinical research and development, in several therapeutic areas including orphan drugs and rheumatoid arthritis.

“We are extremely pleased to reinforce our management team with Mathias. With his long experience and excellent track record, Mathias will be instrumental in shaping KiOmedine® pipeline medical strategy” said Houtaï Choumane, Chief Executive Officer. “The whole executive team is very excited to work with Mathias to further develop our medical platform
and network to ensure the continued success of our development strategy”